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About Us

Two driven sisters have both earned university degrees – Huda in Business and Psychology, and Humaira in Environmental Science. Currently employed in Government and Not-for-profit sectors, they share an entrepreneurial spirit. Despite their successful careers, they have a burning desire to forge their own path and leave a lasting legacy, influenced by their upbringing and cultural background.

Witnessing their father's unyielding determination after immigrating to Australia from a third-world country, they've imbibed the values of hard work, creativity and resilience. This perspective shaped their journey, compelling them to seek more than just financial success.

Their father's struggles lit the way for them to dream big. Empowered by his example, Huda and Humaira achieved a significant milestone in 2018 – purchasing their first home and using their savings to refurbish it into their dream home; a testament to their determination and dedication.

However, the sisters felt an urge to do more with their resources. Driven by the yearning to channel their privilege into something impactful, they made a bold decision in 2022 to sell their cherished home, redirecting the invested funds into a visionary, and launching their own vegan, premium but accessible skincare brand, which stands at the intersection of modern technology and next-generation ingredients. However, it is not just about skincare – their mission encompasses transparency and inclusivity, a commitment to serving a diverse audience.

Huda and Humaira's journey is a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, and a commitment to creating positive change. From humble beginnings to a future that holds the promise of innovation and empowerment, their story is a reminder that personal and cultural backgrounds can shape meaningful ventures that resonate with a wide audience.

Our Mission

At the core of our mission is introducing the French skincare revolution to Australia, driven by cutting-edge technology. Our vision is centered around creating a brand that not only lives up to its promises but also establishes transparent communication with consumers, fostering a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Looking ahead, our focus includes the launch of two innovative products. By harnessing the potential of Algae and Cannabinoids, we aim to introduce these offerings within the next 8-12 months, contingent upon securing the necessary investments aside from what we have currently invested. As we gather momentum from these launches, our intention is to consistently introduce novel ingredients that are emerging in the market. Our commitment to innovation remains steadfast as we strive to bring the best to our valued customers.

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